Beach King – Boat & Pontoon Lifts

From 1200#-8000# Vertical Lifts, Beach King builds what you need.

Here, in Minnesota, how we do what we do matters; we do it right or we make it right. That work ethic is why we manufacture our dock and lift systems in Detroit Lakes. It’s also the reason folks around here choose Beach King. Quality, price, performance, and a 15-year warranty (right down to the pulleys) set us apart from the rest.

Beach King lifts are bolted together or welded solid, producing a product that remains structurally sound over time. We weld extra gussets into every corner to keep our lifts true, allowing the customer to hook up and pull the lifts without bending them. We offer screw adjustable legs; all Beach King lifts are designed to be adjusted above water, eliminating the danger of swimming to the lake bottom or having to support the lift in the air make height changes. Safety and quality are paramount to us.

We manufacture vertical lifts in all sizes, including personal watercraft (PWC) lifts. Beach King lifts have aluminum rails with soft plastic for your boat to rest on, and side bumpers for your Pontoon. All lifts come standard with full-length aluminum bunks featuring soft plastic coverings. From 8000#-1200# vertical lifts to 120″ wide Sea Leg Canopy Frames, we can build to suit your needs.

Any lift can get your boat out of the water, but Beach King aims to make the job safe and easy, using only the strongest pulleys and chain-driven winches. Because galvanized steel is prone to rust, we rely on stainless steel leveling cables, shown to last twice as long.

With Beach King Lifts you can expect to see:

  • Above Water Adjustment Legs
  • All beach King Lifts are bolted together or welded solid. This makes a much stronger lift that does not become shaky and loose over the years
  • 1/4″ thick stainless steel cable on lifts 2000# and under
  • 5/16″ thick Stainless Steel Cable (2500-4000# lifts)
  • 3/8″ thick stainless steel cable on 5000 & 6000# lifts
  • Solid Delron Pulleys (15 year warranty)
  • Chain Driven Winches
  • Soft Plastic Over Aluminum Rail for your boat to Rest On
  • Aluminum Rails With Bumpers on the sides for your Pontoon
  • Every corner in the lifts have extra gussets welded in to keep lifts true. This also allows the customer to hook to the lifts and pull without bending things
Beach King Lift 2

Boat Lifts

  • 2500# 96″ Wide Vertical
  • 3000# 114″ Wide Vertical
  • 4000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 5000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 6000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 6000# 144″ Wide Vertical
  • 7000# 120” Wide Vertical
  • 7000# 120″ Wide Vertical Hydraulic
  • 8000# 120” Wide Vertical

Pontoon Lifts

  • 3000# 114″ Wide Vertical
  • 4000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 5000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 6000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 7000# 120″ Wide Vertical
  • 7000# 120″ Wide Vertical Hydraulic
  • Sea Legs Canopy Frame 120″ Wide

Jet Ski Lifts

  • 1200# 64″ Wide Vertical

Lift Accessories

  • Full Length Triple Stick Guide Ons
  • Stick Guide On
  • Motor Stop
  • Pontoon Stop
  • Bow Stop
  • Raising Winch
  • Self Raising Wheel Kit
  • Economy Wheel Kit

Electric Winches

  • Lift Tech
  • Lift Boss
  • Electric Winch Remote Controls
  • Wheel Drive

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